Built on Teamwork and Community

At P&P Industries, we are driven by a purpose that’s more than just the plastic parts we make. We focus on what matters the most: creating a rewarding work environment for our team, which in turn benefits their families and our communities.

P&P Industries is proud to be built on teamwork and community, and we show this by:

  • Celebrating personal achievements
  • Distributing generous benefits
  • Organizing team events
  • Providing hands-on training from industry experts

Teammates of P&P industries will admit that our family-owned business maintains a commitment to a team environment in every department through continuous training and remaining steadfast toward continuous improvement ideas.

Work-life driven with a purpose

Our team is committed to excellence by building upon skills and welcoming new scientific opportunities in the world of plastic injection molding. P&P prides ourselves on our culture and the authenticity, hard work, and passion our team brings to our customers. This stands with our core values, focusing on employee empowerment by never turning down an opportunity to grow through education and commitment. With a relentless focus on our customers, you can count on us. Following through projects with a can-do attitude; shows in the quality work we carefully manufacture for plastic parts. Without our customers and growing team, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

We want our team to thrive in their careers – from day one, we offer resources and training programs to create an interactive learning environment, helping employees succeed in their position. Encouraging open ideas helps our continuous improvement as a company to sustain excellence and collaboration amongst team members. Doing so helps inspire forward-thinking individuals find better solutions for our customers in need of expert plastic injection molding services.

No experience in injection molding?

We effectively communicate every step of the way to ensure your experience with P&P is nothing short of perfect. We offer competitive pay, benefits, and generous employment packages to help support our team members in their careers. Not only do our employees’ careers matter, but we never forget to celebrate the little moments with company-wide holiday celebrations, birthdays, and achievements throughout the year. It connects us as a team and brings awareness to the importance of a positive workplace.

The P&P Industries Difference

P&P Industries aims to offer the best work-life balance with our generous employment packages and hands-on training. Our approach to plastic injection molding is our purpose: we continue to provide quality services to ensure we exceed our customer’s expectations and set the standard of plastic injection molding.

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Let's discuss how we can help you.

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