Plastic Injection Molding

Quality Injection Molding Services

Over 50 years of experience and management focused on continuous re-investment of profits into the productive capacity of the firm is what differentiates P&P Industries from the competition.

With a wide press range, on-site design engineers, and Scientific Molding technology; P&P services a multitude of industries and provides each customer with the highest level of service and quality.

P&P Industries has an outstanding workforce dedicated to Continuous Improvement, which helps to ensure a satisfied customer. Adopting and implementing lean manufacturing principles separates P&P Industries from our competition with customer satisfaction always as our focal point.

Our plastic injection molding machines are equipped with the latest technology. This allows for a repeatable process from shot to shot, keeping our prices low and efficiencies high.

Preventive Maintenance Program

All Molds Placed on a Documented PM Schedule

P&P Industries makes the complex process of injection plastic molding simple through our years of experience, continuing education, and certifications of our team and facility. P&P engineers can help design your part with you, or we will review your current molds.

Diverse Materials:

  • Engineered & Commodity Resins
  • Custom Compounded Resins
  • Reinforced Resins
  • High-Temperature Resins
  • Custom Filled Resins

Lean Manufacturing:

  • Scrap levels <0.5%
  • 6 Sigma
  • 5S
  • S.M.E.D
  • Weekly operational performance meetings

30+ Machines:

  • 28 Tons – 780 Tons
  • Electric and Hydraulic machines
  • Shot sizes from 1.5 oz. – 92 oz.
  • 2-Shot Injection Molding

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Let's discuss how we can help you.

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