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Meet Kimberly Kessler

Kimberly Kessler joined P&P Industries as a dedicated team member in 2022. As a Production Cell Operator, Kimberly’s role involves managing multiple fast-paced presses and diverse equipment. Let’s hear from Kimberly about her position and what makes working at P&P Industries exceptional.

Q: Can you describe what an average day looks like in your position?

A: Once I clock in, the supervisor updates the team on any issues or company updates in the huddle before starting for the day.  After I receive my daily assignment, I go directly to check which presses are running.  Overall, we run 3-5 different fast-paced presses.

Q: When did you start working for the company?

A: I started on December 5, 2022.

Q: How has your role at P&P Industries evolved over time?

A: I’ve learned how to run so many different presses and how to use many different tools and equipment. Now, I am able to teach new hires.

Q: What do you enjoy the most about working at P&P Industries?

A: I love my crew and co-employees. I have a fair, but great supervisor.

Q: How would you summarize your overall experience working at P&P Industries – what makes you proud to have been a part of this company?

A: I love that our company takes pride in the product, is always on time, and focuses on making employees happy.

Kimberly’s journey at P&P Industries epitomizes growth and adaptability. We’re grateful to have her on the team!

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