Quality Manufacturing Processes

Our dedication is more than just our words – it’s in our actions, shown through the parts and services we provide. At P&P, our goal is to eliminate any potential defects during our design phase so the manufacturing process is seamless and the product outcome meets our high standards. Quality is in all aspects of what we do, including the processes we implement, the equipment we utilize, and the trained experts who inspect the products we produce for our customers.

Our Quality Processes

When a new part is awarded to P&P, three processes are implemented to ensure our products are produced error-free and made with high durability for years of use. Our Production Part Approval Process, or PPAP, starts with:

  1. Design, Process, and Assembly Review (DPAR)
  2. 1st Article Inspection of a part
  3. Assessments with the customer to ensure production is on track

Design, Process, and Assembly Review is a process that reduces the risk of what might go wrong, and it can help plan for the rest of the development process. Testing happens using rigorous mold methods that aid in the quality of the manufacturing process. Once the quality tryout is running, product viscosity and viscosity curves, help identify the best process. A control plan is then created for the customer. The product then goes to the quality lab, where another product inspection is done. If there are no defects, the run data is saved and placed in the control lab to look back at for future reference.

Quality Processes

The approval and quality inspection process takes time, but it ensures production is on track. Once the control lab confirms the run-through is a success, the next step is the 1st Article Inspection. In this step, our team of engineers inspects the parts and customer raw materials from an outside supplier to verify the quality. After inspection, the reports are sent to the customer for approval, and then once approved a decoupled sheet is created before the production runs begin.

Before the first run happens, there are multiple assessments with the customer to confirm everything meets their standards before the first run. P&P’s multifaceted team works directly with our customers: our sales manager and project engineers work together to help customers with any questions or concerns they may have, and they even go on-site to provide solutions in real-time. Together, they communicate what is happening to help our team stay on top of customers’ expectations.

Continuous Improvement Impacts

P&P’s continuous improvements ensure quality begins at the core of our company: our employees. Our team of expert engineers comes together and integrates the latest quality inspection technology into our processes. We cater to the needs of every project requirement with our current standing of 37 modern molding machines, and top-of-the-line quality equipment, including:

  • CMM- probe scanner attached to gather data
  • Instant measuring
  • Hexagon roamers
  • Visio systems
  • Cobots

P&P continuously updates our machines and processes that help manufacturing evolve within the plastics industry. Our goal is to not just rely on one person for quality assurance, but also on operators and vision systems to help ensure a better end product. Outside of controlled PPAP procedures, our teams conduct scheduled audits on quality systems to certify that nothing is out of place.

Why Quality Makes a Difference at P&P Industries

Receiving a quality part and being satisfied with the outcome is the expectation P&P has set for our customers. We rigorously test every detail during the design process, which is essential to creating the products our customers have come to expect. Keeping controlled processes in the workplace helps our quality experts live up to the name that our customers depend on. Through PPAP and multiple lab testing checkpoints, P&P Industries utilizes advanced technology and an expert team to produce superior components that last for years.

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